Kolibree Bluetooth toothbrush helps improve the brushing technique through the power of its app

| Thursday, February 6, 2014
The Kolibree toothbrush has an accelerometer, a gyroscope, and a magnetometer inside, which it uses to record how long you brush your teeth for, and how you brush them.It can send this information to an Android phone or iPhone via a Bluetooth wireless connection.

The Bluetooth toothbrush from Kolibree

It can show you live information on how you're doing so you can adjust your brushing technique, or simply brush for longer. Or it can sync that information with a phone app to give you a running total of how well you've brushed.
You end up looking at a screen that gives you a score out of five that's based on how long and well you've cleaned your teeth.

Silliest is it has the ability to set up different family members in one app and track them separately, with the app generating a graph showing how well you brush compared with everyone else.

generate a graph to pit your brushing habits against the rest of the family

Its kind of having a personal dentist actually watching you brushing on a day-today basis.It can be useful only in one way : for kids.

Toothbrush will go on sale this summer (summer 2014) and will be priced from $99 to $199 depending upon the features (whoopp!!!).

Courtesy - CNET, CES 2014


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