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Windows 8 keyboard shortcuts

| Friday, August 9, 2013
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These Windows 8 keyboard shortcuts will help you get up to speed if you don't have a touchscreen
Although most people would argue Windows 8 is best appreciated via a touchscreen, that's not an option for those with older PCs or laptops. You can still benefit from the speed of Windows 8's shortcuts, though - just using your keyboard instead.

Most of these shortcuts use the Windows key - that's the one with the Windows logo, usually located to the left or right of the spacebar.

Charms and menus:
Windows + C: Charms
Windows + H: Share
Windows + I: Settings
Windows + K: Devices
Windows + P: Second screen
Windows + X: Admin menu

Windows + Q: Apps Search screen
Windows + F: Files Search screen
Windows + W: Settings Search screen

Windows + . : Split to the right
Windows + Shift + . : Split to the left
Windows + O: Lockscreen orientation

Start screen:
Windows + Z: App options
PageUp/PageDown/mouse wheel: Scroll Start screen
Ctrl + mouse wheel: Semantic zoom

Windows 8 keyboard shortcuts

Posted by : Pooja
Date :Friday, August 9, 2013
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