Canonical Confirms Ubuntu Phone Will Not Allow Android Apps.

| Monday, January 28, 2013
Canonical will provide the necessary help to developers to port their applications to Ubuntu but has clearly stated that it’s not up for charity. In an interview with Engadget, Collins, product manager, Canonical said, “Many Android developers already use Ubuntu as their desktop OS and we have a very close affinity with them. We intend to encourage them to make their Android applications run on Ubuntu, but we won’t engineer any middleware for running Android apps. Developers are intelligent and capable enough to make their apps run on our devices. We have an active initiative right now to directly help them achieve this.”

The company is taking all possible measures to ensure that Ubuntu phone operating system is successful from the minute it goes public. Canonical has announced its CoreApps project, focusing on 12 default apps including calendar, calculator, clock / alarm, weather and email client. As part of the project, eight usual apps like File Manager, Calendar, Clock/Alarm, Weather, Terminal, Calculator, E-Mail Client, Document Viewer and four social apps like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, RSS Reader would be designed.


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